Supporting your Parish Church

Last year when we needed to raise funds for the new boiler everyone dug deep into their pockets.  The response was amazing and thanks to you all for being so generous.

This is not another plea but it made us think that you may like to know a little of how our finances work so every so often we’ll give you an update.

This year our Parish Share is 


Paid to date £11,241.00
Outstanding £22,000.00


Unfortunately because we needed the extra money for the boiler we did not pay much of our share last year.  This means that we have a Historic Share of £25,039.00 which we hope to pay off gradually.

We have two bank accounts. One is used for the day to day running of the church and the other as a savings account for projects, repairs etc.  We have several jobs needing to be done this year for which funds have been set aside.  They include roof repairs, front entrance stone posts plus gates and also a new notice board.

So far we have £5,442.00 towards our new windows, so we need to work hard on saving enough money to get the project started.

As with all C of E churches, we do not receive any funds from the central church and so we have to meet costs through the generosity and kindness of our church members and donations from other supporters. If you feel you could help us meet the cost of ever-escalating bills, please do have a look at the other pages in this section or, alternatively, you can donate via BACS to Lofthouse Parochial Church Council Sort Code: 40-39-21 Account Number: 90545015

That brings us up to date with what has happened so far this year and as was mentioned earlier we’ll keep you appraised of what’s happening financially every few months.

Huge thanks for your support!