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Cafe Church

Cafe Church at St John's

Once a month at 9.15am we have our Cafe Church, which is always very informal and relaxed, with bacon butties and refreshments served from 9am. We're a friendly bunch and our short Cafe Church service might involve some music, discussion with friends or as a large group, games, drama, crafts and always plenty to think about. It's very definitely suitable for all ages, from tiny baby to age 100+! Lots of families who are considering having their child Christened like to come along to Cafe Church to meet us and get to know their church, and there's certainly always loads for children to do.


Our Cafe Church team:
We have a very dedicated group of volunteers who help to plan and lead each Cafe Church. Here they are getting ready for one of our services:

  Kicking off another exciting Cafe Church!
Brian and Elsie preparing the bacon butties we serve at every Cafe Church  

The next dates for Cafe Church are: 

Sunday 28th August
Sunday 25th September
At our next Cafe Church we'll be having our own Cafe Church Olympics! Don't miss out!