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Wedding Bells?

  These notes are offered in an effort to answer some of the common queries about weddings. If anything is not clear, please do not hesitate to give me a ring. Our prayers and good wishes are with you as you plan for your wedding day and begin your married life.

1. Entitlement to be married in a parish church

If you have any concerns about about your entitlement to be married in a parish church then please discuss this in your initial interview with a member of our clergy.

To get the ball rolling you need to contact Sue Franks in the Parish Office during the times listed below. or use contact form

2. Time of Wedding

Weddings can be arranged for any day between 8.00am and 6.00pm subject to other services in church. We usually allow a minimum of an hour and a half between weddings.

3. Parents Consent

If either of you is under 18 years of age at the time of your wedding, both parents must give written permission.

4. Banns

Your Banns will be called at the 11.00am Sunday service on the first, second and third Sundays two months before the wedding. Legally, you are not required to be present at the reading of Banns but most couples like to be there to hear them read. If one of you lives in another parish, you will have to go and see the vicar of the parish where you live and arrange for the Banns to be read there too. When this has been done, you must pay for and collect the Banns certificate, and which the person taking the wedding then has to see beforehand.

5. Licence

No licence is needed if Banns are called, but sometimes, for example, when one party comes from abroad, or if it is wished to avoid publicity, marriages are conducted by licence. Talk to the clergy further about this.

6. Form of service

We normally use the popular wedding service found in Common Worship. The clergy will arrange to meet couples about 3 or 4 months before the wedding date when choices about forms of vows, prayers and readings can be made.

7. Music

We shall need to know which bridal and wedding marches you would like, and any requests for special music. It is advisable to choose hymns with well known tunes. Some initial suggestions can be made by the clergy at the meeting held 2 or 3 months before the wedding. If you intend to have a service sheet printed, it would be sensible to let us see the draft copy before you go to print. There are one or two short parts of the Service which it is helpful to include. Please remember to allow extra copies for the organist.

8. Preparation & Rehersal

You must attend a wedding prpearation session usually held March and October in the Parish Hall.t to prepare generally for your wedding. This is the first time you will meet with the vicar conducting your wedding  and the second time will be  for a rehearsal which usually takes place on a weekday evening a few days before the wedding.

9. Fees

You will be handed a separate paper showing how much your wedding will cost. The total cost depends on factors as to whether, for example, you want the bells and a choir. Normally, a non-returnable deposit is paid when the wedding is booked. The balance of the fee is paid1 month before the wedding day, 

10. Flowers

Our flower arrangers can offer to advise and or arrange the flowers in church for your wedding. If you wanspecial flower arrangements then an outside florist will be required. Please discuss your needs with the clergy at your at the pre-wedding interview.

11. Confetti

Will you please tell friends and relatives that confetti should not be thrown outside (or inside!) Holy Trinity. The best place for them to 'drown' you in paper and rice is either at the lych gate or the reception!

12. Car Parking

Holy Trinity Church has ample parking around the site and also in the many shoppers car parks in the centre. Wherever you park please do it sensitively and not at others inconvenience.

13. Photographs & Video

Photographs and videos are not allowed in church during the service, but they are permitted in the vestry and from the church door as you come down the aisle to leave church. Please discuss it with whoever is to conduct the service.

14. Bridesmaids, Attendants & Ushers

It is helpful to have at least two ushers to show key people to their seats and, where required, give service sheets to your guests. Ushers should be at church in good time on the day of the wedding. It is advisable to  think very carefully if you are intending to have very small children as bridesmaids and attendants; you can never predict how they will cope with such occasions.

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